In the last few decades, cutting edge research has explored the relationship between sound and healing. Some research suggests certain sounds, frequencies, and even music, can elicit therapeutic responses within the body and help to assist the body in functioning better. Part of this is due to its many potential effects on the nervous system, which in theory, suggests that when music is used in an appropriate way it can promote a sense of peace and balance, parasympathetic activation, and a decrease in stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine. Each organ, tissue, and many functions in the body respond to specific sound frequencies and they can be used to assist in the support of homeostatic balance.

By running sound frequencies through what can considered to be “healthy versions of specific tissues” and recording the resulting pitch/frequency that emanates through the organ vs the amount of sound absorbed, it can be theorized what its “frequency/resonance “ is. Those notes can be taken and calibrated into music or even tuning forks! For certain conditions, we employ the use of tuning forks over certain areas of the body we’ve had calibrated to the pitches of over 30 organ systems and functions in the body. Our patients report it is a profoundly relaxing and soothing modality, as well as helping to lower pain levels in certain conditions.