auricular medicine

Auricular medicine is a highly developed independent system of medicine, used to both diagnose and treat a wide variety of health conditions, patterns, and dysfunctions in the human body. In China for at least the last 2000 years, the ears have been used to treat and diagnose diseases. In modern schools of Chinese medicine today in both America and China, few people are skilled and knowledgable in the lost art of ear diagnosis. However, James Carter took it upon himself to deeply explore and learn this long forgotten system of ear diagnosis and take the complete series of courses of study under one of the most world-renowned auricular medicine founder/physicians Dr. Li-Chun Huang. He is thus able to read, understand, and integrate, the morphological patterns he observes through the ear into his treatment plans. Auricular medicine contains over 400 points correlating to nearly every single body part and functional process throughout the body. Treatment with auricular medicine can be used to assist with almost any condition, as a helpful adjunctive therapy to any other modality, and to focus on any number of health issues simultaneously.