Acupressure and bodywork are modalities in Chinese Medicine which involve the stimulation of acupuncture points with finger pressure using the power and sensitivity of skilled human touch. The indications include the huge variety of conditions that Chinese medicine has proven to treat effectively, and it is often utilized alongside acupuncture treatment. Because acupressure works on restoring the proper physiological functioning of the body, it also works as a great preventative therapy. Generally speaking, the effects of acupressure can be less potent than those of acupuncture, and as a result more sessions are typically needed to achieve the same results. Acupressure is great for children and even more so for the elderly, who commonly suffer from conditions such as arthritis, mobility problems, constipation, and poor circulatory function. It can also provide relief and prevention of colds and flu. Parents and caretakers can also be taught many self-help techniques to use on their children at home. Certain acupressure points and massage must be avoided during pregnancy and other specific conditions. Be sure to tell your practitioner of your unique needs and if you are pregnant.